Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home Decor Project

I got this for a neighbor's birthday turned out really cute I think!

This is the link where all the photos are of the mom's actual birthday party.

Thanks for looking!


Video if the BIG surprise moment for my mom!
Mom's 50th Surprise Birthday Dinner...

As most of you know I along with my stepdad threw my mom a 50th Birthday Surprise dinner and invited all of our family (from everywhere) and for the most part everyone except her mom and stepdad were able to make it.

It was a great surprise to her, she cried, I cried and I think all the other female family members did as well. It was such a great moment and I am so happy for all of those who came out to share in this special time in her life! I made alot of the decorations aside my stepmom with the exception of a few I got from before I had my own cricut!

Anyhow I am going to post a link to the pictures and the video of it for all to see! I hope you enjoy! I also want to thank Lacey (my sister in law) for helping me not only with the setting up the party but with Caden as were AWESOME!!!!!

We all had a great time as you will be able to see! I love to plan parties it is so much fun! So for those of you out there that need that kind of help or that special something made let me know.

Next I am starting on Caden's 5th Toy Story Birthday Party.....the planning is never quiet over for me....and I love it!